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Our Daycamps during March Break and Summer holidays are designed to engage our youth while teaching them skills that they will use in everyday life. We offer everything from life skills to managing emotions.

Camps by School Grade

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We talk openly about the 4 S'

1 .Sex

2. Suicide

3. Substances

4. Self-Esteem

We feel it is important for youth to have the right information and know what resources are available to them.

Our Programming

All of our programs are currently offered during after school hours, March Break and Summer Break and are led by community members on a volunteer basis.

Our programming offers: Job opportunities within our Community, Emotion Management and Regulation, Healthy relationship building, Respect for self and others, Mental Health Awareness, Importance of giving back, How to be “The Nice Kid”, Self-Esteem building, A safe environment, Time Management, Team Building, Empowerment, Healthy food, Life skills, Self-Care, Trust.

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If this is a crisis please call the Kids Help Phone Open 24/7: 1-800-668-6868